HEllo, i’M DEREK

a psychic

NEW Tour

Derek is back in The Netherlands! He brings a new tour at the end of 2019 with 24 Locations!

Let yourself be transported in a rollercoaster of emotions.
Derek makes contact with the spirit world and passes on the messages as well as possible to his or her loved ones.

How can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased via the button below. PLEASE NOTE: Ticket sales only run through Ticket Master B.V. So don’t buy them elsewhere

What is the best place in the venue?

Derek Walks through the entire room. So you don’t have to sit in front for the best view.

I don't speak English what now?

An interpreter is present at every show. This interpreter translates everything directly into Dutch. If you get a reading, he will also translate your Dutch to Derek.

How long does a show last?

Derek is on stage for an average of 2 hours. There is a break of approximately 20 minutes.
Afternoon shows start at 1 pm or 2 pm and evening shows at 7 pm or 8 pm.

Can I bring a child?

Access to the shows for children from 12 years old will only be possible under the supervision and responsibility of the parent (s) and / or legal guardian.

Can I film or take photos?

We are sorry, but it is not allowed to make audio, video, or photo recordings during Derek shows. This measure is set to protect the privacy of all visitors.

Theatre shows

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Tour information

za 27 okt20:00AmelandThe Sunset BeachclubKAARTEN
ma 29 okt20:00StadskanaalTheater Geert TeisKAARTEN
do 01 nov20:00GorinchemSchouwburg de Nieuwe DoelenKAARTEN
za 03 nov14:00DeventerDeventer SchouwburgKAARTEN
za 03 nov20:00DeventerDeventer SchouwburgKAARTEN
zo 04 nov14:00ZevenaarKunstwerk! Het MusiaterKAARTEN
zo 04 nov19:00ZevenaarKunstwerk! Het MusiaterKAARTEN
wo 07 nov20:00VenloTheater de MaaspoortKAARTEN
do 08 nov20:00HeerhugowaardCool Kunst en CultuurKAARTEN
vrij 09 nov20:00MaasbrachtZC de SpilKAARTEN
za 10 nov20:00VeenendaalLampegietKAARTEN
zo 11 nov19:00DokkumSense TheaterzaalKAARTEN
di 13 nov20:00IJmuidenStadsschouwburg VelsenKAARTEN
wo 14 nov20:00LelystadAgora TheaterKAARTEN
do 15 nov20:00HeerenveenPosthuis TheaterKAARTEN
vrij 16 nov20:00RaalteHoftheaterKAARTEN
zo 18 nov19:00EmmenAtlas TheaterKAARTEN
di 20 nov20:00De Cocksdorp TexelEvenementenhal TexelKAARTEN
do 22 nov20:00DeurneCultuurcentrum DeurneKAARTEN
vrij 23 nov20:00ZwolleSchouwburg OdeonKAARTEN
za 24 nov20:00GoesTheater de MytheKAARTEN
zo 25 nov14:00AlkmaarVrij Zijn TheaterKAARTEN
zo 25 nov19:00AlkmaarVrij Zijn TheaterKAARTEN
di 27 nov20:00HardenbergTheater de VoorveghterKAARTEN
wo 28 nov20:00Capelle aan den IjsselIsala TheaterKAARTEN
do 29 nov20:00ApeldoornOrpheusKAARTEN
vrij 30 nov20:00WaalwijkDe LeestKAARTEN
za 01 dec14:00MargratenGemeensch.huis Oos HeimKAARTEN
za 01 dec20:00MargratenGemeensch.huis Oos HeimKAARTEN

People who preceded you

What a breathtaking show. Enjoyed an evening with lots of emotions, love and happiness. Until the next!

Anna, Visitor @ Leeuwarden

I did not expect that I would get a reading, but something special to experience. Thank you for your help Derek.

Fiona, Visitor @ Rotterdam

I'm not very good at English but I was able to follow the show. The interpreter translates almost everything directly into Dutch. As a result had a super nice show in Zevenaar

Nicole, Visitor @ Zevenaar